Activities & Playgroups

You need a support group that understands your special needs as an at-home mother, and we are it! MOMS Club® International is the first, largest, and fastest growing support group specifically for all at-home mothers. Our club provides a way to meet other mothers and their children while enjoying many fun activities. We rely on the participation of all our members to make the group successful and lots of fun! Our chapter provides the following activities:


Playgroups – One of the best ways to make friends for you and your children is to join a playgroup. Meeting every week creates a closeness between mothers and kids that you just don’t get by attending the occasional event. Naps, classes, and so forth can make scheduling difficult, but it can be worth the extra flexibility and effort to get into a group.

The MOMS Club® of Franklin, MA has a volunteer Playgroup Coordinator who matches up interested mothers. Playgroups usually meet once a week for anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, with members taking turns hosting the group in their homes. However, if you are not comfortable hosting, don’t worry, it is not a requirement and you can still participate. The day and time is decided entirely by the MOMS in the playgroup.

Our current groups are broken down by age. Siblings are always welcome and you are free to join a different playgroup for each of your children. Although the main purpose is to get the kids together, most moms will tell you that playgroups are as much fun for them as they are for the kids.

Monthly Socials – These are typically our largest events, and all members are encouraged to attend!

Meetups – Each mother in the club is expected to host a minimum of one activity per year. This ensures we have events planned each month and that the events are activities our members enjoy. When you join, you will be assigned a month in which to host. Hosting is not as intimidating as it may sound! You could invite a set number of moms and their kids to your house for a play date, or you could set up a time to meet at a local playground, or you could invite people to meet you at a pre-existing library story time. Whatever feels comfortable and fun to you! (Of course, if it is too much for you right now, please talk to the activities coordinator. Our intention is not to stress anyone out!) You are also encouraged to plan a Meet-Up any time of year. It is up to our members to make sure we have an active club with a full calendar of options.

MOMS Night Out –This is a monthly opportunity to shed the role of “mom” for a few hours.  We get together for dinner,  movies or pamper ourselves to spa treatments. The best part is that members have a built in way of taking a break without really needing to know the whole group.  This monthly activity is for just Mommas, so give Dad, your partner, or the baby-sitter a heads up!!

Sunshine Meals – This important program benefits MOMS Club® members in need of meals for themselves and their families due to a recent birth, a surgery or illness, or any other event that makes it difficult to put dinner on the table.

For each MOM in need, the Sunshine ChairMOM finds volunteers to generously put together a dinner and deliver it to the mother’s home. Everything from mac n’ cheese, to gourmet chicken casseroles, to pizza takeout has been given – and every meal is greatly appreciated.

The Sunshine Network is run by a volunteer ChairMOM who coordinates the volunteers and meal schedules. Making a meal for another mom is a simple and beautiful way to support the mothers in the group. If you are a member, please consider volunteering!

We also welcome all ideas for special interest groups.  If you’re a crafter, reader, exercise-lover, there might be some other moms in the club interested in gathering to do them with you!!